Protection Plan

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering additional peace of mind through our PBM Protection Plan. PBM will provide emergency remediation services in the event of a disaster.

Professional Building Maintenance

Protection Coverage

When it comes to peace of mind, nothing beats the PBM Protection Plan; an innovative program that provides our clients with emergency service coverage. This is part of our commitment to outstanding facility maintenance and gives you peace of mind that we are invested in out partnership to provide a safe, sanitary environment on an ongoing and consistent basis. Ask us for more details!

Professional Building Maintenance

Implementation Plan

With our 45 years of experience in the janitorial industry, we are confident that we have the knowledge and resources to implement a smooth transition right from the start of the contract. With our experience, we can transition with little deficiencies. PBM offers new employees the opportunity to train at another one of our locations prior to the start of any new contract. This helps with efficiency, cross training, and confidence for our employees.

Preparation for Contract Set-Up

  • Organize/ hire all staffing positions that need to be filled
  • Familiarize maps and facilities locations and how to access
  • Create specific job descriptions and locations for each staff member
  • Ensure all stuff has necessary training
  • Schedule on the job training at other location if needed
  • Contact oversight of contract to any additional information, questions and to schedule meetings
  • Organize all necessary supplies and equipment needed for each location. Schedule delivery.
  • Organize uniform distribution to each employee
  • Review all safety procedures, rules and regulations for the contact
  • Upload all contents of the quality software and give access to the contract oversight
  • Schedule orientation with all new employees to go over site specific details and information or any questions the staff may have.
  • Review all scheduled times of operations


  • All management and staff are in place and ready to go- everyone is in proper attire.
  • Management to assist new staff on necessary locations for equipment and supplies
  • Meet with contract oversight for any further instructions or details
  • Walk each location to ensure our process will be implemented efficiently
  • Document any areas of immediate concern

Continued Support

  • Ensure staff has all necessary supplies and equipment
  • Review QC software for any additional features that may need to be add
  • Inspections
  • Personnel Performance
  • Schedule required continuous training
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