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Make Us Your Local Commercial Cleaning Team of Choice

Locally owned and operated Professional Building Maintenance should be your one-stop shop for all the maintenance and cleaning services that are needed to keep your commercial property in top condition. We’ve been serving the greater Fredericksburg region since 1976, and we look forward to the chance to provide our first-rate workmanship at your local commercial property. The next time you need a commercial cleaning company in Culpeper, VA, look no further than our crew.

One Does Your Business Need Help in Any of These Service Areas?

We look forward to providing you with our solutions:

Our Commercial Janitorial Plans Are Sure to Impress

Our janitorial services make running any type of business easier by ensuring that the following essential tasks are covered:

Tired of Dull, Dirty Commercial Carpeting? Call on Us

If your commercial carpets have seen better days, we’re the team that can bring them back to life. Our cleaning methods and products have been selected because they’re safe and non-damaging and also because they’ve been proven highly effective on all brands and styles of carpeting.

Let Us Partner With You in Caring for Your Hard Flooring

If you just don’t know where to begin when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your hard commercial flooring, our crew can help. We’ll conduct a complete inspection, clean a test patch to ensure that we’re using the right method, and then carry out the entire cleaning job in next to no time. Our services cover all these types of durable commercial flooring:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl composition tile
  • Ceramic tile

Our Expertise Makes Fire Restoration Projects Go Smoothly

You may not know how to start the recovery process after a fire at your commercial property, but the skilled personnel here at our restoration company know exactly what to do. We’ll assess the damage and help you with a plan to repair your structure and property as quickly as possible.

Offering Timely, Detail-oriented Flood Restoration Services

Our commercial flood restoration services involve managing the following:

  • Making preliminary damage assessments
  • Preventing further flooding
  • Drying up visible standing water
  • Starting the in-depth drying process
  • Routinely checking on the progress of our work

Leave Mold Remediation in Our Capable Hands

Our specialized know-how will go a long way toward making your mold remediation project a success. We have access to professional-grade equipment and cleaning supplies, and we’ll use every tool and strategy at our disposal in an effort to rid your location of mold once and for all.

No Air Duct Cleaning Job is Too Complex for Our Team

If you suspect that there are dirty ducts and vents at your property, our personnel is standing by to promote better air quality with our first-rate cleaning services. We clean dryer vents and exhaust systems too.

Catering to Local Commercial and Residential Customers

If you own, operate, or manage a hotel, office, government building, school, religious facility, event venue, factory, or just about any other commercial venture, you’re part of the local customer base that stands to benefit from our professional expertise. Our air duct cleaning services are offered to local homeowners as well.

You Won't Go Wrong With Our Knowledgeable Team

You’ll definitely be glad that you choose us to handle your cleaning service or emergency restoration work. We pay close attention to every detail and never skimp on communication and customer service. We’ll also respond quickly to your call for help and offer flexible appointment options to accommodate your schedule.

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Count on the Leading Experts

For a reliable commercial cleaning company in Culpeper, VA, keep Professional Building Maintenance in mind. Feel free to contact us any time you need our expert services.

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