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At Professional Building Maintenance Inc we help prolong the life of your building’s carpet and keep it looking brand new with our commercial carpet cleaning services. Regardless of how big or small your carpeted area is or what your business does, you can count on us to handle your carpet cleaning services efficiently, leaving you with quality results.

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Carpet cleaning isn’t just for keeping up appearances, it comes with so many other added benefits to you and your business too! Contact our team at PBM for more information about our commercial carpet cleaning services in Fredericksburg, VA, and the surrounding areas we serve.

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg, VA

PBM Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Our team at PBM knows just how important trust and communication is in each and every business transaction. It is because of this that we make sure to keep you informed about the cleaning process throughout the entirety of your services. Our basic carpet cleaning process can be broken down in the following five steps:

Step One

The first step of our commercial carpet cleaning services starts with the inspection of the areas you want cleaned and a walk through of how these services will be carried out.

Step Two

After that our team will move as much furniture that we can out of the way without disturbing the productivity of your work place.

Step Three

Step three is the beginning of the actual cleaning of your carpet by spot treating areas that may need a little extra TLC.

Step Four

After that we will begin cleaning your commercial carpet cleaning with our machines. These machines work to pump hot water into your carpet in order to release dirt that is trapped deep within its fibers. It then extracts the water and this dirt along with it.

Step Five

The final step of the cleaning process involves the drying of your now cleaned carpets which is then followed by an inspection with you to ensure you are happy with your newly cleaned carpet.

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Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

A dirty carpet can have a bigger impact on your business than you may think. And when it comes to your carpet, appearance isn’t all that matters. The effect can have an impact on your employee’s and your customer’s health too. But there are many other benefits to commercial carpet cleaning services including:

  • Save money: It is actually much more cost-efficient to hire a professional carpet cleaner than it is to buy your own carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals.
  • Higher quality cleaning: Every style of carpet requires a specific mixture of chemicals and water temperature that not everyone does. If the correct temperature and chemicals are not used then you risk damaging or tearing your carpets.
  • Increased employee productivity: There is nothing more encouraging to your employees than an employer who is passionate about their business. And a clean and taken care-of workplace helps to show your care and passion.
  • Less damage to your carpets over time: When your carpets are dirty they hold fine abrasive particles that can actually damage your carpet over time. Regular commercial carpet cleaning services help to leave the pile of carpet lifted and fresh.
  • Less employee sick time: If your employees are constantly getting sick the state of your carpet may be the culprit. A dirty carpet can cause headaches, fevers, and colds because they trap dust and bacteria. And the last thing you want is to be making your employees and customers sick!

Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

Do I need to move office furnishings and other large objects prior to your arrival?
You may want to remove particularly fragile or operation-critical items to a secure location before your appointment, but our personnel will gladly take care of moving general office furnishings and other items out of the way before we begin work.
How long will my carpets remain wet after one of your commercial carpet cleaning visits?
The final stage of our cleaning process is utilizing professional-grade drying equipment to extract as much water as possible. There may be a small amount of residual moisture left behind, but it can be expected to dry up within a short time.
Won't frequent cleaning cause my carpeting to wear out sooner?
While it may seem that regular cleaning will cause unnecessary wear and tear to your flooring, periodic visits from a professional carpet cleaner may actually help to preserve the life of all types carpeting by removing abrasive dirt and dust particles and other substances that can break down carpet fibers over time.
Why should I choose your carpet cleaning company?
Our company has a history of serving the Fredericksburg area that goes back to 1976. We utilize modern cleaning methods that are both safe and effective, and we’ll gladly work around your company’s schedule when setting up your cleaning appointments.

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