Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

At Professional Building Maintenance Inc we offer professional duct cleaning services for your commercial building.

Professional Building Maintenance

We offer professional duct cleaning services

The need for these cleaning services are backed by the US Department of Energy which states that about 25% to 40% of energy used during heating and cooling is wasted because of air pollutants and other debris clogging the ducts. Commercial duct cleaning services work to remove this build up of air pollutants, allowing your HVAC system to work more efficiently and save you money over time too.


How PBM's Duct Cleaning Services Will Help Your Business

Our team’s professional duct cleaning services help to

  • Save money on your energy bill
  • Improve your building’s indoor air quality
  • Remove any unpleasant odors
  • Extend the lifespan of you HVAC system
  • Reduce the potential for mold growth
  • Provide a healthier environment for your customers and employees


Reducing Infectious Diseases and Staying Healthy

Providing a healthy environment for your employees and customers is extremely important. Even more now than before with the emergency of the Coronavirus and other strands of the virus.

There are various pathogenic microorganisms that are transported throughout your air ducts and without proper duct cleaning services these pathogens will continue to spread throughout your workplace.

Another thing for you to take into account is that these indoor air pollutants and pathogens can cause serious health complications for employees and customers that have respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or even environmental allergies. Having routine duct cleaning services from us at PBM will help to drastically reduce the amount of allergens, dust, and dirt that circulate throughout the building. Thus, creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for your customers, clients, and employees.


How to Tell if Your Ducts Need Cleaning

While we recommend having your air ducts cleaned at least once every year you may require these services more frequently. Some of the tell tale signs that your ducts are in desperate need of cleaning include:

  • If your energy bills are increasing and there is no other clear cause as to why
  • If your property has recently undergone a renovation or addition
  • If you have been experiencing pest control issues
  • If your property is constantly needing cleaning services
  • If there is visible mold in or around your ducts
PBM Duct Cleaning Services

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Our Duct Cleaning Process At PBM, our cleaning process is made up of four key steps.

Step One

The first step in our process is connecting a powerful industrial vacuum to the air duct system, placing it close to the furnace.

Step Two

We then use our commercial grade and industrial strength products and equipment to dislodge all of the contaminants and debris clogging your air duct system.

Step Three

In step three, those now dislodged contaminants are pulled from the duct system and through the filtration system so clean air can be returned back into your building.

Step Four

After all of the cleaning is completed the final step begins. This is where we make sure to reseal any access holes and return your duct system to a like new, and clean state.

Let Our PBM Team Help

As business owners ourselves, the safety and health of our employees, customers, and clients is extremely important, and we know that it is a priority for you too! Let us help you maintain a safe environment for your customers, clients, and employees with our commercial duct cleaning services.

Interested in Residential Services?

PBM offers Residential Services on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in having PBM take care of your Residence, contact us today for a free estimate!