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The Cleaning Team That You Can Trust

Your search for a commercial cleaning company in Stafford, VA, should start and end with Professional Building Maintenance. Our business is staffed by experienced cleaning and maintenance personnel who put the needs of the customer first, and we currently have open appointment slots throughout our coverage area that are waiting to be filled.

One Specializing in the Top Maintenance and Restoration Tasks

Trust our crew for the following:

Reliable Commercial Janitorial and Cleaning Services

We’re equipped to handle all the tasks that your commercial building needs, including:

  • Bathroom and common area cleaning
  • Workspace cleaning
  • Surface cleaning, dusting and sanitizing
  • Vacuuming and floor cleaning
  • Trash removal

No Carpet Cleaning Job is Too Big for Us

Whether you have a small area of carpeting in your entryway or thousands of square feet of carpeted flooring in numerous buildings, our dedicated team will help you maintain it in like-new, visitor-ready condition.

Turn to Us for Individualized Floor Care Plans

If your commercial property has vinyl, ceramic tile, marble, concrete or any other hard flooring, we have cleaning methods that can renew its appearance and protect it from future damage. Our process includes:

  1. Inspecting the flooring
  2. Selecting the right supplies and equipment
  3. Testing our methods in a limited area
  4. Carrying out the cleaning work
  5. Applying a protective finish

We’re Backed by Extensive Fire Damage Restoration Expertise

If your commercial property is ever damaged by fire, our professional crew is prepared to furnish smoke and water damage mitigation as well as comprehensive repair services to put everything right once again.

Our Experience Makes Flood Recovery Simple and Straightforward

We take a results-orient approach to every flood recovery project that’s focused on:

  • Inspecting the flooded area
  • Preventing additional water damage
  • Cleaning up and extracting excess moisture
  • Starting the drying process
  • Conducting periodic monitoring

Depend on Us for Professional Mold Clean-up

Our cleaning service professionals will help you promote a better indoor environment at your business by eliminating mold wherever it occurs. We’ll also implement preventive measures aimed at heading off future problems.

Take Advantage of Our Fast, Efficient Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning goes a long way toward boosting a building’s indoor environment while dryer vent cleaning helps to promote efficient operation and prevent lint-related fires. We’re capable of handling both of these professional services.

Serving a Wide Range of Commercial and Residential Clients

A vast majority of our cleaning and restoration services are geared toward commercial customers. We have a long history of meeting the needs of local businesses and are always ready to ply utilize our unique skill sets at offices, manufacturing plants, retail stores, religious buildings, warehouses, schools, government buildings, and more. We’re also pleased to provide professional air duct cleaning for home and rental property owners as well as businesses.

Let Us Impress You With Our Skill and Dedication

Our cleaning and restoration company enjoys a loyal local following throughout our coverage area, and our detail-oriented workmanship and prompt project turnaround definitely contribute to our great reputation. We also go the extra mile to build long-standing professional relationships with our valued clientele that are based on mutual respect and consideration.

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Entrust the Work to Our Crew

At Professional Building Maintenance, a knowledgeable team member is always available to take your call. Be sure to contact us right away by calling us or filling out the online form whenever you require any of our professional services in the Stafford area.

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