About PBM

Professional Building Maintenance

Our Story

A family heritage. Established in 1973 in the heart of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Professional Building Maintenance Inc. (PBM) is a family-owned company, large enough to meet extensive commercial building needs, and small enough to care about the details.

Our Reputation

PBM built its reputation on a proven track record of timely performance, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. Bobby Thacker and Marguerite Collier started the company out of a 1961 Plymouth station wagon, and their work ethic and ingenuity paid off. In 1999, Bobby turned his business over to his three sons. Since then, the Thacker brothers have successfully built a legacy for generations to come.

Our Success

PBM owes much of its successes to the late, Bobby Thacker and Marguerite Collier. They took pride in their work, but more so, they took pride in their people. Anyone who knew them can share a story about something they learned from Bobby or Marguerite. Their words of wisdom are invaluable, and are what shine through PBM, to this day.

“One call, Does it all”

PBM’s original slogan, “one call, does it all,” is the honest and simple version of PBM’s mission- a one-stop shop company, that is there for you 24 hours in emergency situations. PBM’s priority is to provide dependable service, by maintaining a reputation for superior workmanship, and use of quality products. What makes PBM original and innovative is its ability to take care of not one, but ALL of the customers’ needs.

“A man once told me, that my father had a gift. I have been told I also have this gift, however, I feel it is nothing other than being raised with decency. My father, Bob Thacker, could talk to the President of a company the same way he would talk to a custodian that worked for him. The old man took care of his employees and loved them all far more than whom he worked for. It’s not to say he wasn’t appreciative of his clients, but man did he love those who helped him build PBM. Our greatest treasures lie not within a vault or register; there are no zeros to be found. But our hearts and minds are full to the brim with wonderful memories, and long lasting friendships abound!”


– Justin Thacker, President