27/4 Flood Restoration

At Professional Building Maintenance Inc, we know just how often disaster can strike, which is why we offer 24/7 flood restoration services.

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24/7 flood restoration services

When your business is impacted by a flood, dealing with the aftermath can be extremely overwhelming. Each and every hour that your business is closed you risk losing both clients and revenue.

Our emergency flood restoration team at PBM is on call 24/7 because we understand the importance of getting your business back on its feet as soon as possible. Our certified restoration technicians provide timely responses along with professional expertise that will help lead your business to a swift recovery. As soon as our team arrives they will work with you to begin the restoration process, communicating with you throughout each and every step.

Diving In

When it comes to water damage it is extremely important to take action immediately. This will help to prevent any further damage, property loss, and additional repair costs.

It doesn’t matter if your water damage is:

  • a roof leak
  • an issue with your toilet or sewer systems
  • a burst pipe
  • a leaking water heater

Even in small amounts, water can spread quickly and cause immense damage to your tech, appliances, desks, cubicles, and even ceiling tiles in just a matter of minutes. The longer water remains on your property the more problems you could face. And if water extraction is not performed right away to remove standing water, this excess moisture can even cause structural damage and mold growth making the need for flood restoration services vital.

Water damage can also have a significant impact on hardwood floors. This happens when water seeps in between the floorboards and if left untreated those boards will begin to absorb and expand.

Water damage can also have a significant impact on hardwood floors. This happens when water seeps in between the floorboards and if left untreated those boards will begin to absorb and expand.

PBM Emergency Services

Our Flood Restoration Process

At PBM we know just how quickly water damage can occur, which is why our flood restoration services are designed to quickly mitigate the damage and restore your property. Our basic restoration process follows the following steps:

Step One

The first step is to reach out to our 24/7 emergency flood restoration team. We will be on the scene quickly and are available whenever you need us.

Step Two

Step two revolves around inspecting the water damage. Our trained team will come and look at the damage and begin working to handle the logistics of the restoration.

Step Three

After that we move into water mitigation. This step actually begins almost immediately because it is important to stop the water if it is still flowing and ensure that anything that is not already damaged is moved and protected.

Step Four

Step four is where the actual water extraction happens. During this process water will be removed from your building with our industry standard equipment and we make sure that there isn’t any water hidden in furniture, the ceilings, carpets, and walls.

Step Five

Next comes the cleanup and repair. Instead of just replacing each of your water damaged belongings our goal is to restore as much as we can back to its original state. We will also begin to start any repairs that need to be made as well as take steps to prevent mold growth.

Step Six

After all obvious water has been removed we will use and monitor the humidity levels inside of your building to help remove the remaining moisture. This process helps to prevent damage such as warped floors and walls from occurring.

PBM Emergency Services

PBM is Here 24/7 to Help

At Professional Building Maintenance we understand that every hour you are closed you are at risk of loosing clients and revenue. This is why our team is on call 24/7 so we can help get your business back up and running as quickly as possible with our emergency flood restoration services

Interested in Residential Services?

PBM offers Residential Services on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in having PBM take care of your Residence, contact us today for a free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes. We are an IICRC certified firm with a Class A contractor’s license.

Are your technicians trained?

Yes. Our technicians obtain an IICRC certification along with continued education each year and certifications.

Do you work with insurance companies?

We work with all insurance companies to take the stress off you while getting your home or business back to pre-loss conditions.

How much experience do they have?

PBM has been in business since 1976.