Why Choose PBM?

We are the proactive janitorial service firm dedicated to providing a superior level of service quality, using the latest technological advances in the industry. We will find ways to reduce your typical maintenance expenditures while providing our premier level of service.

Superior Quality

  • We have provided superior service to our clients for more than 36 years.
  • We have worked through ups and downs to remain a successful family owned and operated corporation.

Latest Technology

  • Pro-Chem Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning System
  • Schwarze A4000 Power sweeper

Target Efficiency

  • We can clean up to 250,000 ft2 of carpet in 24 hours, still achieving the highest level of cleaning with truck mounted steam cleaning systems.
  • Greater square foot totals can be achieved when utilizing a maintenance program with an encapsulation process.
  • We specialize in cleaning large square footage quickly and efficiently
  • Team Cleaning, Zone Cleaning


Ask Justin the Janitor

Do you ever wonder if your janitor is doing the right things to lower your costs and provide the highest quality of service availabe? You can tap the vast knowledge we have acquired over our years of service by submitting a question to Justin the Janitor. Click the link below for more…

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Know Who’s Cleaning Your Building

We rely on independant third party verification of employment and criminal background checks using Hireright(R) professional employment screening services. We ensure that all of our employees are trained to respect tenant spaces and belongings. We focus our training on honesty and responsibility in an effort to minimize customer complaints.