Responsible Maintenance

Responsible Hiring

We don’t just treat our people like family: they are family. We know practice leads to precision, which is why we always have a dedicated team on hand, many of whom have been part of the PBM family for over 20 years – a fact that’s unheard of in the cleaning industry.

Our team is vetted by a series of background checks. It’s because we want to know who we hire – and want you to know and trust who cleans your facility. We’ve created a culture based on transparency and purpose. Our team loves the work they do, and the people for whom they do it.

Responsible Service

We’re always one call away and ready do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether that means late nights, early mornings, or emergency service.

And at PBM, service isn’t just about availability and grit; we know methods matter, too. It’s why we use only the best technology and tools on every cleaning and restoration job we complete. You won’t find any company – or any partner – who’s more dedicated to your business or driven by the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Responsible Practices

Whenever possible, we use only GreenSeal Certified products, which reduces our environmental impact
and keeps your workplace safe and free from harmful chemicals. Making the world a better place is about more than the products we use; it’s about our commitment to our community.

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