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24/7 Fire Restoration

At Professional Building Maintenance Inc, we know just how often disaster can strike, which is why we offer 24/7 fire restoration services.

When your home is impacted by a fire, dealing with the aftermath can be extremely overwhelming. There can be lingering odors from the smoke, corrosion from soot, and even toxic chemicals. All of these can pose serious threats to the health of your family which is why 24/7 fire restoration services are important to seek out immediately after the disaster strikes.

PBM is on call 24/7

 Our certified fire restoration technicians provide timely response along with professional expertise that will help lead your business to recovery.

As soon as our team arrives they will work with you to begin the restoration process, communicating with you throughout each and every step.

PBM Fire Restoration Services

Our Fire Restoration Process

During the restoration process communication is key. This is why we make sure to keep you informed from the very beginning of you services up until the very end.

Step One

The first step is to give our team at Professional Building Maintenance Inc a call. Our emergency services are available 24/7 so we are there whenever you need us.

Step Two

Step two is evaluating the extent of the fire and smoke damage. Our team of experts will be on site to review and asses the damage before creating a customized fire restoration plan targeted to your specific needs.

Step Three

The third step of our restoration process is the recovery and restoring of damaged items. During this step we identify any and all salvageable items and then take the time to inventory and pack the items up. We then take these items through sorting and cleaning and once that is completed we take inventory of the items again before storing them until the end of the project.

Step Four

Step four consists of the stabilization of your property. This is where we will help to establish temporary power and security measures such as boarding up or placing tarps over damaged areas. We also will perform water restoration services to help remove and dry out any excess water left behind by fire suppression systems or as a result of the fire departments efforts.

Step Five

The fifth and final step of our restoration process is repairing the property. Our team at PBM will follow the customized plan of repairs and work to restore your property to not only its original state but so that it is in even better shape than it was before.

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PBM Emergency Services

Our Fire Restoration Service

Our team at PBM is here to help with your fire restoration 24/7, because disasters don't take time off.

While our team at Professional Building Maintenance Inc is here to help with your restoration needs after a disaster has occurred there are also things you can do in order to prepare your business to handle these sorts of events. Having an emergency action plan that includes training, communication planning, and an evacuation plan and protocol in place will help you and your business become better equipped to handle these situations.

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