What to Expect with Fire Restoration Services

When fire destroys your home or business, it can be devastating. It’s not just the fire damage that is hard to deal with- you also have to worry about water damage, smoke smell, and other after-effects of fire. The good news is there are fire restoration services out there that specialize in putting businesses back together again. And PBM’s fire restoration services will do just that!

PBM has been providing emergency fire restoration for over 25 years. Our team of skilled professionals is able to handle any type of fire damage and restoration for any building whether they are high-rise buildings, residential homes, or even churches!

What are Fire Restoration Services?

Fire restoration is the process of returning a property that has been damaged by fire and smoke to its pre-loss condition. These jobs can take weeks or even months to complete, depending on the level of damage that has occurred. Fire restoration services involve many different things such as property board up, debris removal, odor removal, soot removal, contents cleaning, demolition, reconstruction, and removal of any hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos.

However one of the most important things to know about fire restoration services is that they are oftentimes accompanied by water restoration services too. This is because the property has most likely been doused with water while the fire department worked to contain and extinguish the flames. Or because of a burst pipe that occurred during the fire, which will then leak water into the structure of the building. This is why the first step of fire restoration services typically involves water mitigation so that any further damage can be avoided.

fire restoration services

What Happens During Fire Restoration Services?

Before fire restoration services can even begin, the building has to be deemed safe from the local authorities. This helps ensure that you and your restoration team aren’t walking into an unsafe environment and are put at risk for injury.

Step One: Damage Assessment

Once the property has been deemed safe to enter, the fire restoration team will perform an assessment of the space to see that damage has occurred. This typically consists of assessing how far the flames and smoke have penetrated the structure and how extensive the clean-up process is going to be. This step also involves an assessment of the contents inside of the property in order to determine what needs to be thrown away and what can be moved out and restored. Once the assessment is done, the team will have a better idea of the scope of work and how long it will take.

Step Two: Secure the Property and Remove Debris

Once the assessment has been completed the next step is to secure the property. This step includes installing fencing around the property, removing any debris around the perimeter, boarding up openings in the structure, and taking the time to place tarps and seal off parts of the roof as needed to protect the property. If there are areas that were unaffected by the fire then it is important that they are sealed off from the impacted areas. This will help to minimize any cross-contamination during your fire restoration services.

Step Three: Demolition, Water Mitigation, and Dry Out

The main reason for this step is to help prevent any further damage from occurring due to mold or corrosion. All of your personal property will be removed from inside of the building and any damaged drywall, flooring, and any other materials will be removed as needed too. After that, your fire restoration team will work to extract water from the affected areas within the structure with commercial equipment. During this stage of your fire restoration services, the roof tarps will stay in tack to prevent any further water intrusion.

Step Four: Smoke Removal and Clean Up

Step four of your fire restoration services is the most intensive part of the restoration job because it involves smoke removal and clean-up! This part of the process usually involves a lot of manual labor in order for the smoke and soot from both the interior and exterior to be cleaned properly. In most instances, every inch of the area that has been affected by the fire will have to be deep cleaned. This means following the proper clean-up steps while also using deodorizing agents to remove any lingering smoke odors. If for some reason water restoration services have not been conducted then it may be necessary to sanitize the area as well as to apply antimicrobial chemicals in order to halt any mold growth.

A huge portion of this step will also take part off site so any of your belongings that have been packed up can be returned and restored to pre-loss condition. This step of your fire restoration services will also involve duct cleaning in order to remove any soot, debris, or smoke that may have settled within the ducts during the fire.

Step Five: Construction and Restoration

The final step in bringing your property to its pre-loss condition is performing any necessary repairs in order to rebuild any fire-damaged areas. When a fire occurs parts of the left over structure may be unsalvageable, which will be determined during the initial assement, and will have to be replaced or removed entirely. Some things that this may include is the rebuilding or replacing of the roof, replacing and painting the drywall, replacing electrical components, replacing flooring materials, replacing fixtures, and any other interior features in order to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Why PBM is the Best Choice for Fire Restoration Services

At PBM we know first hand how devestating a fire can be to either your home or to your business. Because of this we put our all into your fire restoration services and are here for you 24/7. We know that a fire is an emergency situation that needs to be handled immediately which is why we are always on call for you! We will stay in constant communication with you to keep you up date on the progress of your restoration services and ensure that you are involved during each and every step. Contact our team at PBM for more information on our fire restoration services and how our team can make this tragedy as stress free as possible.