Commercial Janitorial

Professional Building Maintenance

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

Keep your business’ facility clean, disinfected, and looking its absolute best with our affordable and reliable commercial janitorial services.

PBM Support & Dedication

We provide the support your business needs with our expertise, professionalism, and ability to provide you with exceptional results you can rely on. PBM prides itself on providing the highest standard commercial janitorial cleaning services to our customers.

Before our team starts working, we get to know your business so we can determine the best cleaning approach for your needs. Our trained custodians use a variety of products that are aimed to fit your commercial janitorial cleaning needs. These products include a wide range of chemicals and EPA-approved disinfectants in order to ensure the safety of each and every person who enters your building.

Our aim at PBM is to have your facility reflect your company’s exceptional reputation through our high quality services that include the eradication of odors, stain removal, and floor polishing just to name a few.

Our Other Commercial Janitorial Services Include

  • Daytime cleaning
  • Options for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services
  • Sanitation programs
  • Daily carpet care
  • Office system cleaning
  • Window washing and dusting
  • Reception area and lobby cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Kitchen and restroom cleaning restocking

We Use the Leading Technology to Deliver a Quality Clean Each Time

With almost 50 years in the janitorial business, our team at PBM provides quality cleaning services every day. We combine powerful products, high productivity, and advanced technology to help dramatically reduce the amount of airborne dust and bacteria that float throughout your building.

With Covid-19 raging on, having a company committed to the well-being of your customers, staff, or students is extremely important. Whether you are on the front lines in a medical facility or as a retail worker you should be confident that the company you hire for your commercial janitorial cleaning services will be able to do a thorough job with disinfecting and sanitizing your facilities.

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Where We Clean

We offer our commercial janitorial cleaning services to a wide variety of clients including:

  • Hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Hotels and hospitality central facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Religious buildings
  • and more!

PBM's Custom Janitorial Cleaning Plans

To help your business running uninterrupted, we offer custom janitorial cleaning plans that fit your business' needs.

Some benefits of these custom plans include:

  • A team of professional experts and advanced technology: Our PBM cleaning team is highly trained and use the latest advancements in cleaning and disinfecting systems to reduce the presence of dust and bacteria throughout your building
  • Healthy and worry free environments: We know firsthand that a clean workspace helps to decrease employee sick days while also helping to protect your clients from harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Save time and money: By outsourcing your cleaning services you are helping to streamline your expenses and reduce the time spent cleaning by at least 25%
  • Our commercial janitorial services on your schedule: We take the time to familiarize ourselves with your facility and then create a customized cleaning plan that fits your unique needs. Your cleaning services can be scheduled at a time and frequency that works best for you and your facility.