Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services: Why You Need Them

If you’re like most commercial business owners, you have a lot of carpets in your building. You might not think about them often, but they are one of the dirtiest surfaces in the commercial space. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that workers had illness-related work absences in January 2018 alone because they were exposed to dirty carpets at their workplace, which harbors germs and causes sicknesses for them. Commercial carpet cleaning services will help keep the space looking fresh and clean for customers while also reducing health risks from exposure to dirt or other contaminants such as animal dander, bacteria, mold spores, or dust mites found on dirty floors and furniture surfaces. Our commercial floor care professionals are skilled at eliminating these problems with a comprehensive deep steam process that cleans well below the surface level of commercial carpet fibers–removing 99%* more soil than dry vacuuming alone. Commercial carpet cleaning services are necessary to keep your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh for customers. Learn more about why commercial carpet cleaning is important and what we do!

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

There are different carpet cleaning options for your business. Choosing pro carpet cleaning, however, has more benefits for your workplace.

Here are some benefits of having regularly schedule commercial carpet cleaning services for your business:

Fewer Sick Days

It has been found that there are over 4,800 surfaces in office buildings that can be classified as dirty and your carpets are one of them. This is one of the main reasons as to why more and more workers are missing work due to illness. With commercial carpet cleaning, you can help reduce the number of sick days at work with less exposure to germs. Commercial carpet cleaning is a crucial component of office maintenance. It creates a work environment that is free from germs and other pollutants. A dirty carpet will trap dirt, debris, and numerous disease-carrying organisms so it is important to keep these surfaces clean!

Extends the Life of Your Carpets

Having commercial carpet cleaning will help to extend the life span of your carpet. A commercial cleaning schedule will reduce the workload on your carpet’s surface and prevent it from becoming too heavily saturated with germs. This build-up of dirt, dust, and other allergens can compromise the fiber structure of your carpet which then leads to breakage and tearing over time. Carpet cleaning will help to protect your flooring and ensure it is in the best condition.

commercial carpet cleaning services

Improved Productivity

A commercial carpet cleaning service is important for your business as it will improve the productivity of your employees. With a cleaner and healthier work environment, you can help ensure that all tasks are completed on time with less interruption or distractions. This cleaning also helps to reduce employee sick days which in turn reduces the amount of lost time due to illness!

Working in a dirty environment can also be a large morale killer for your employees. No one is excited to walk through the doors into a messy office building! And by providing commercial carpet cleaning services, you are giving your employees the opportunity to feel appreciated and cared for through a cleaner work environment. Commercial carpet cleaning services will not only improve productivity and morale but will also help to make your work environment safer for everyone in it too.

Creates a Great First Impression

Another benefit of commercial carpet cleaning services is that it helps make a great impression for your customers and clients. When you have regular commercial carpet cleaning services, your business becomes an environment where clients can feel safe. And not only that, but your commercial carpets will be free from dirt and debris so they are then more attractive to the eye!

You want your visitors to leave with good memories of their time spent at your offices, and when people walk into a clean office space it shows them that you not only care about your team but that you also care about creating a positive atmosphere. Having professional carpet cleaning services will help make a stronger first impression for each and every person that walks through your front door.


Carpet cleaning services are also extremely cost-effective. These services save you money in many ways, with one example being that it reduces employee sick time. This helps to save you money while also boosting the overall productivity of your business.

Tailored Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Needs

commercial carpet cleaning services

Commercial carpet cleaning services can also be customized to your exact needs. Our team at PBM knows better than anyone that there is not a one size fits all solution for your carpet cleaning needs. That is why we will work with you to find a commercial carpet cleaning option that works for your budget. For example, your commercial carpet needs are different than those of residential, and our commercial services can help you get the perfect balance between price and performance.

Your business may even have unique carpet cleaning needs where special solutions or equipment is necessary to get the job done. Our team is able to handle those tougher jobs with ease and leave your business looking perfect after each service.

Let us Help with Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

When you choose commercial carpet cleaning services from PBM, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your commercial floor care needs. Our team is happy to walk through our commercial carpets with you and recommend the perfect service that meets both your budget and style–whether it be residential or commercial. We work hard to make sure that you and your commercial carpets are happy!

And as you can tell, there are quite a few reasons why commercial carpet maintenance is important–and we’ve only just scratched the surface on s them today.  Our team at Professional Building Maintenance is here for all of your carpet cleaning needs and your general floor care needs too! Contact us today for more information about our commercial floor care services and how our team can keep your office clean year-round!