Case Studies

University of Mary Washington

PBM has partnered with University of Mary Washington since early 2017 to ensure that their historic campus is as clean as it is beautiful. We know that spotless facilities and sparkling windows somehow make a place more vigorous, more optimistic—and that’s important when you’re educating the next generation of leaders and innovators. But it’s about more than looking polished: a clean school is a healthy school, where students and professors can meet on schedule and bring their full attention to every conversation.

University of Mary Washington made the decision to work with PBM because they understood the difference a locally-owned small business can make. The last cleaning company simply didn’t have the adaptability and attention to detail that the university needed. School administrators met directly with our leadership and came up with a cleaning program custom tailored to the college’s needs.

Together, we developed a plan to provide daily, routine custodial maintenance—including both hard floor and carpet cleaning—in all university buildings, from classrooms to offices. We also perform deep cleaning of dormitories and residence halls each summer. And since we’re local, we’ve always been there to help with events and last-minute calls. It’s just the responsible thing to do.