Geico Example Case Study

For more than 23 years, PBM has been serving Geico’s offices in Fredericksburg, Virginia. With 550,000 square feet of business space and 4,000 associates, regular and responsible cleaning is critical. And the building isn’t just an office: it also has a gym, a credit union, a convenience store, and a cafeteria, each of which require different processes and supplies to clean properly.

We knew that keeping such a large and complex building in tip-top shape would take more than just elbow grease: we needed a game-plan. So we sat down with the building’s leadership to learn more about their culture and particular cleaning needs. We formulated a strategy tailored to the high traffic, large size, and various departments of their building.

After more than two decades, Geico is still thrilled with the technical experience, reliability, resourcefulness, and customer service our team of cleaning professionals offers: “We expect a high standard of consistent cleaning services. Many janitorial services can sell you on words, but PBM responds with action.”