Justin Thacker


Justin Thacker is the President and CEO of Professional Building Maintenance.  At the age of 6 his father Bobby Thacker, the founder of PBM, sat him on a buffer for added weight while stripping and waxing a floor.  To say that he has lifelong experience is an understatement.  Justin purchased PBM from his father following graduation from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he played men’s basketball, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  He has since been building a locally dominant custodial firm in Fredericksburg, Virginia that services not only small business customers, but also a variety of large corporate clients.  PBM has grown from 15 employees, to 250+ in the last 18 years.  He resides in Fredericksburg with his wife Jamie, their young son and daughter, and their growing numbers of dogs, cats, and chickens!  He thrives on a busy schedule, and has never been seen sitting down!  Although Justin is known as a busy body, he enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting, and truly appreciates the simple joys in life.  Justin  respects anyone and would give you the shirt off of his back. He has the memory of an elephant, and can tell a great story, or as Bobby Thacker would say, “he has the gift of gab!” Justin’s ability to appreciate and maintain relationships, both personal and business, is what has made him and PBM successful.