Jamie Thacker R.T. (T)


Jamie Thacker R.T. (T), is the Vice President of Professional Building Maintenance.  She married into the business, but her passion and background is in healthcare.  She earned dual bachelor degrees at the Medical College of Virginia, in Radiation Science and Psychology.  When she’s not at PBM’s office, she works on call at the local cancer center to maintain her skills and love on her patients! She has brought a unique perspective to the evolving custodial business practices.  She understands the importance for regulations on cleaning and the balance of green cleaning, reusing/recycling, while maintaining a standard of sanitation.  She has displayed that first impressions, and a consistent clean environment, will directly effect a locations reputation, scores, and ultimately their profit.  She has learned a lot from her husband Justin, and is excited to grow along with PBM!  She enjoys spending time with her two children and animals, and enjoys art, music, and the outdoors in her spare time.